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"Jess is a true professional.  I had met with several other directors and Jess' work ethic really stood out from the rest of the pack.  She was easy to communicate with and really had an eye for detail.  She was able to produce exactly what I wanted while blending her own artistic influence to the project.  Jessica's expertise brought the look and idea of my video to a level I didn't think was possible." -Chancius Drzewucki, musician.  

"Jess is a skilled filmmaker and a warm, inviting presence. Working with her collaboratively, I was awed by the detail and precision that she brings to a project. She truly has a skillful eye and seems to see the true nature of things through a deeply imaginative lens. Her film work is playful and abstract but profoundly natural."  -Lisa Fagan, dancer and choreographer.

"Jess is an eminently talented filmmaker and photographer with a rare eye for style, color, and emotional resonance in her work. Whether on a music video, documentary, or commercial shoot, she brings a level of care, focus and insight commensurate with her profound artistic abilities." - Mark Perloff, Managing Director, Moby Dick, or, The Card Game  

"When Jess did the video for our theatre company, it felt like she became a creative collaborator in the process – she was as invested in making us look good as we were. She works intuitively, beautifully, with cleverness and an eye for artistry that surpasses plain ol' videography." -Madeline Wise, New Saloon Theater Company.

"Jess is supremely gifted. She is equal parts creative genius and technical whiz, and possesses a rare combination of visionary drive and openness to taking direction. Working with her is a pure joy." -Johanna Warren, musician.

"I've worked with Jessica Medenbach several times in the last few years, and each experience has been a delight. She's helped me document several dance and performance pieces in a studio setting. Each time, Jessica was able to identify the quality and energy of the piece in live performance, then bring those elements to life in the studio recording. The end products were all little worlds unto their own, capturing the pieces that had been with even more detail and atmosphere than I'd known was in there. " -Brooke Herr-Cardillo, dancer & choreographer. 

"Working on two kickstarter videos with Jessica allowed me to more intimately appreciate her aesthetic taste and how her vision and technical skill brings a project of disparate elements into a whole. On top of this, Jess is a total delight to be around and has a very easy, roll with the punches personality. The video work that Jess has done for New Saloon never fails to excite us and expand what we thought was possible. " -Morgan Green, New Saloon Theater Company.